Small to Medium (<500 employees) organizations are caught between having the challenges of large enterprises but without a second in the day, night, or weekend for that matter, to even think about how to solve them. When the workload doesn't ever seem to abate when are you going to work out how to work smarter and not just harder. In the back of your mind there are ideas of continuous improvement programs, customer acquisition plans, growth strategies, process streamlining and more. 

The signalroad review for small to medium organizations provides the opportunity for you and your colleagues to share your thoughts on growth, innovation, sales, channel, product and service development, marketing plans and more. This includes outlining issues and problems currently being experienced.


The signalroad review for small to medium organizations covers;

  • Clarifying the vision, mission, strategy, goals and tactics especially to make sure everyone is on the same page. This includes creating a hierarchy of mission statements up and down the layers of the organization.
  • Product and Service market positioning to determine the opportunity for innovation and growth while assessing the potential threats from competitors and, or, disruption from new entrants.
  • Go to market assessment to determine current alignment in the marketplace of direct and indirect sales, value added partners and distributors, suitability of  current practices and opportunities for new channels.
  • Commercial models assessment to match the product and service market positioning plus value proposition with the go to market plans. 
  • Organizational structure and operation to determine the level of effectiveness of the current structure and working environment.

The signalroad review for small to medium organizations includes meetings with your key team members, customers, channel partners and competitive analysis, as appropriate. It culminates in a one day workshop which includes hands on experiential learning exercises, presentation of the review's findings and open discussion sessions. There is no limit to the number of people who can attend the workshop within reason. On going coaching meetings are available for the following 12 months.