Startups are born by the founder(s) seeing an opportunity to create a more effective product and service than is currently being offered. Often this is by envisioning a new way to provide a solution to an existing or developing requirement. Either it is something no one has thought of yet or leveraging the new worlds of social media, Internet technologies, the sharing economy, crowd sourcing, lower cost of distribution or all of the above plus more.

The differentiators of a startup are their strength but when it comes time for a capital raising or going to market the things that make the startup unique often become a weakness as investors and customers alike try to understand the new world being offered to them. The signalroad review for startups addresses this gap and provides the key elements to win over investors, bring on new customers and lay the foundation to scale the company  for future success. It provides the key elements you need to satisfy investors and deliver to customers.

The signalroad review for startups covers;

  • Clarifying the vision, mission, strategy, goals and tactics. These become the guiding light for the organization and allows you to build a cohesive team who are all focused on delivering a successful product and/or service.
  • Product positioning which is key for investors and customers to understand your startup's value proposition. This provides the vision to decide what features and functions to add in and which ones to leave out. It avoids the problems of function-itis and everyone (including investors and customers) wanting their pet "button".
  • Product differentiation is a critical backup to the product positioning's value proposition. People evaluating your startup will naturally want to put you in an existing category of product or services. "Oh, you're the same as X", or "we are already doing that with Y". You need to be able to underpin your value proposition with why you are different and how that enables you to do what you are saying you can do.
  • Go to market plans to make sure you a laying the foundation to scale both sustainably and profitably.
  • Commercial models that align to your value proposition and differentiators and linked tightly to your go to market plans.
  • Organizational structure to manage the conflicting demands of product development, go to market plans, providing customer service and living within your cashflow.

The signalroad review for startups includes meetings with your key team members, customers, channel partners and investors, as appropriate. It culminates in a one day workshop which includes hands on experiential learning exercises, presentation of the review's findings and open discussion sessions. There is no limit to the number of people who can attend the workshop within reason. On going coaching meetings are available for the following 12 months.