Enterprises (>500 employees) struggle with leveraging their size, instead of an advantage it has become a disadvantage. Today most enterprises are seen as being slow, inflexible and lacking innovation. At the same time startups are on the rise again creating disruption in products, services and business models backed by cashed up successful entrepreneurs. Not surprisingly the Gallup US Employee Engagement Survey shows that for every year in the last five years less than a third of all employees have been engaged at work. Imagine how much more effective your organization can be if a half or two thirds of your employees were engaged.

Today it seems that we have a meeting every hour on the hour for the rest of our lives. The only time available to do the actual work is at night or on the weekends. Forget work/life balance it is now work/work imbalance! The last thing we need is another change program that doesn't seem to create change. Signalroad's review for Enterprise looks underneath to uncover systemic dynamics of product and service innovation, customer satisfaction drivers, growth opportunities, employee engagement and productivity, product and service market positioning, organizational structure effectiveness and more. 

The signalroad review for enterprises covers;

  • Clarifying the vision, mission, strategy, goals and tactics. This is key step in lifting the leadership team out of the day to day tasks to determine what "business we are in" as the foundation to build growth and innovation opportunities.
  • Commercial model assessment looks at whether the business models you are operating with today will become your achilles heel against the disruptors and/or new entrants. It looks at whether you are in a price spiral race to the bottom, an oligopoly metastable market waiting for disruption and opportunities for product transition/expansion along the lines of the Blue Ocean Strategy. 
  • Product and Service market positioning to determine the opportunity for innovation and growth while assessing the potential threats from competitors and/or disruption from new entrants.
  • Product and Service Value Proposition and Differentiation points to assess new and existing market opportunities aligned with your current market positioning.
  • New Opportunity Requirements looks at the challenges that Enterprises have when they enter into a new market space. Is there a fundamental shift in going to market with the new offering, for example from products to services? Is your sales force ready and capable of selling the new solutions? Who are your customers, the existing ones or new markets? Are the back-end processes able to be adopted to the new offerings or do new systems need to be put in place?
  • Go to market assessment to determine current alignment in the marketplace of direct and indirect sales, value added partners and distributors and the suitability of  current practices for the existing and new products and services.
  • Organizational structure and operation to determine the level of effectiveness of the current structure and working environment and whether it needs to be adapted to face an ever changing future.

The signalroad review for enterprise organizations includes meetings with your key team members, customers, channel partners and competitive analysis, as appropriate. It culminates in a one day workshop which includes hands on experiential learning exercises, presentation of the review's findings and open discussion sessions. There is no limit to the number of people who can attend the workshop within reason. On going coaching meetings are available for the following 12 months.